The Parents and Friends’ Committee at Panton Hill Primary School co-ordinates many fundraising and special events for parents and children at the school. Favourite events on the school calendar include the Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day stalls where children can buy small gifts for their parents. The children also enjoy special lunches once a term, which are often themed with other activities, such as pizza and gelato for Carnevale.

Parent Fundraising also raises money for projects within the school, such as improvements to the school gardens and grounds. Entertainment books and other fundraising drives help raise some of these funds. Other fundraisers provide the opportunity for a bit of relaxation and socialising for parents as well, such as local shopping nights, social nights, our winery tour and sausage sizzles.

Book club drives not only encourage kids to read, but also provide an important source of funding for new books in the school library and for take home readers. Our school library has hundreds of new books donated by the proceeds of book club drives, keeping our library up-to-date and exciting for kids.

Parents support Panton Hill Primary School in all sorts of ways. Some help out at Parent’s Fundraising, others support particular events or working bees. Some parents help with school banking, uniforms, maintenance, marketing or transport for excursions. Many parents come in to school every Monday morning for shared reading with their child, while others help out in the classroom at other times of day. Whatever their particular skills or interests, Panton Hill Primary School provides plenty of opportunities for parents to share in their child’s educational experience.