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We are proud to be an accredited eSmart school. This means that safe use of technology is embedded in our school curriculum. We also run an information session for parents and the students participate in both classroom lessons and webinars/incursions relating to cybersafety.

At a recent presentation by an Australian Federal Police officer, parents were encouraged to visit the following link to the ThinkUKnow website for up to date information on cybersafety: 

The SOS Guide and the Parents Portal ( on the ThinkUKnow website address a lot of the concerns parents may have, including covering topics such as:-

  • Parental controls;
  • The Family Safety Contract;
  • Additional Videos;
  • Where to seek help; and
  • Additional links (resources/research etc.)

In addition there is an option to enable parents to subscribe to the ThinkUKnow newsletter which provides updates and new information as it happens

The Cybersafety Help Button is an Australian Government initiative. It is an application that can sit either on the screen or taskbar and provides information and assistance on cyber safety issues for children while they explore the internet such as; cyberbullying, unwanted contact and offensive or illegal content.

Visit the esafety website for more infomation.

Child safety (PROTECT)