We will be conducting lessons remotely as of the 20th of July 2020, following advice from the Victorian Government.  All of our students are working at home unless there is no other option available. We are using a combination of online and offline learning, using Webex and Google Classroom as our online platforms. For more information about our approach click PHPS Remote Learning.

During this period, all students will be learning from home, except for children who meet the criteria as set out by the Department of Education - this criteria can be seen on the onsite attendance application form.

To aid in the organisation of staffing, all families who require onsite supervision must submit an onsite attendance application form. This must be submitted on the Thursday prior to the week requiring care.

Student Wellbeing

Below are some links to pages to help our students to maintain their focus and support general wellbeing. These links include mindfulness activities and movement breaks - all strategies that we use at school and we think would be very useful at home as well.

Sensory Play

Sensory Breaks

Movement Breaks

Mindfulness Mat

Mindful Minute Brainbreaks

Breathing Breaks


Managing Screen Time

Below are some links and files to help with finding the right balance with screentime during remote learning. In the first link, you will find a video explaining how to set up your workspace to minimise physical discomfort that can result from using your devices.


Setting up a Healthy Workspace

Esafety Guide

Balancing Screen Time_5-7 year olds

Balancing Screen Time_7-11 year olds

Balancing Screen Time_11-14 year olds


DET - Managing Screen Time

Screen time for 5-7 year olds

Screen time for 7-11 year olds

Screen time for 11-14 year olds

Raising Children - Managing screen time

Wellbeing Resources and Contacts

The following links are available to support your mental health and wellbeing

Kids Helpline

Headspace for Kids

Headspace for Family and Friends

Beyond Blue - COVID 19

Lifeline - mental health and wellbeing during COVID 19

Additional resources to support you when talking to your child

eSafety Office – COVID-19: an online safety kit for parents and carers

Raising Children Network – Coronavirus (COVID-19) and children in Australia

KidsHealth – Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to Talk to Your Child

Emerging Minds – supporting children during the coronavirus outbreak

For up-to-date information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19), visit:

DET Coronavirus website

DHHS coronavirus website